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Horse riding lessonsHere at Yass Riding School we welcome riders of all levels and disciplines to train with us and use our facilities. We regularly coach the disciplines of dressage, show jumping, cross country, pleasure riding, TREC and preparation for pony club certificates. We also coach Equi skills and of course, horse care and management. Riders with spedial needs are most welcome at our riding school for both private and intergrated group lessons. Riders from 3 upwards can enjoy a Pony & Pat lesson, guidelines from KER "weights for riders" is used for YRS to accept riders.

For children wanting a first time introduction to riding, the Pony and Pat sessions are great. Including brushing, saddling and a short lead rein ride. This service is offered once to each rider.

Riders taking regular lessons enjoy a combination of Pony/Horse Care and Handling and private lessons to provide the skills and knowledge required before they can join a group. The ratio suggested is two riding lessons to one Pony/Horse Care and Handling activity (Horsemanship). This ratio may change with individuals. Wet or cold days provide the perfect time to do horesmanship lessons.

School holidays are a great time to introduce kids to horse riding lessons. YRS has riders from Yass, Murrumbateman, Gunning, Canberra regions and the Greater Goulburn area.

Beginners Lessons

Beginners Lessons

These lessons start with riders learning how to prepare the ponies and horses for riding and introduce the skills to start, stop and turn the pony or horse.

The rider then progresses through the syllabus until they achieve their goal. All new riders must take part in at least one private lesson to assess confidence and skill level before joining any group lessons. A combination of private lessons and one Pony/Horse Care and Handling lesson is recommended.



School Holidays offer a mix of half, full or 3 days activities

9am for 9.30am start, lunch somewhere around noon, finish somewhere between 3 & 4pm.

Suitable for children of school age and both new and experienced riders have appropriate activities throughout the programme.


PERSONAL DETAILS (rider's details) :

Surname : _________________________________ Given names : ____________________________

Date of Birth : ___/___/______ Age : ______ Sex : F M

Residential Address : _________________________________________________ Postcode : ________


Parents/Guardians: _____________________________________________________________________

Telephone (H) : ________________ Mobile : ________________ Work : _______________________

Email address : _______________________________ Occupation : ___________________________


Name : __________________________ Address : _______________________ Postcode :__________

Telephone (H) : ________________ Mobile : ________________ Work : _______________________

Relationship : _____________________



Please disclose all medical and behavioural conditions, this will allow us to take the best possible care of all our riders. Thank you.

NO                                        YES

IF YES please explain .......................................................................................................................................

Parent/Guardian of the above named attending Yass Riding School acknowledge that I understand that while all precautions are taken to ensure the safety of those attending the school and while every care will be exercised, the proprietors and their employees and agents are not liable in any way for any accident or damage which may occur or happen from any cause whatever and the above-named person whether participating in any of the activities of Yass Riding School or not, will do so only at my/his/her OWN RISK.

On this basis, the Signatory/Parent/Guardian by signing this form, agrees to indemnify the proprietors and their employees and agents against any claim or demand whatsoever made for or on of the above-named person or in respect of any horse or property owned or used by the above named person. I confirm that I have read the whole of this document and have taken all necessary actions to ensure I am aware that horse riding is a dangerous activity and consent to my/him/her participating in all activities at Yass Riding School, I acknowledge that equestrian activities are dangerous and that accidents causing death, bodily injury, disability and property damage can and do happen. Parent/guardian consent is required for under 18-year-old participants.


No refunds are given if a participant is unable to attend due to ill health or declines to attend all or part of the holiday program. We do ask for your assistance with this as we try and keep the groups very small for the benefit of the riders but we are a very small business so cannot provide the options of a large Centre.

Cash is the preferred payment method.



Hi everyone and welcome to the community of YRS.

Safety for both humans and equines is our priority and then to provide a nurturing enjoyable learning experience for all participants and their families.

We aim to achieve the following:

  • Introduce or develop participant's knowledge of these amazing animals including horse welfare in riding, training and caring.
  • Encourage each individual to participate at a level that they are comfortable with while exposing them to new personal challenges.
  • Provide an environment which allows the development of social skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship while enjoy successes, and accepting disappointment

DEPOSITS: All activities require $100.00 deposit at time of booking. Payment in full prior to commencing the holiday program is requested. Please chat with me if you require a different arrangement.

HELMETS: All riders must wear helmets when mounted. Regular riders must provide their own helmets. Horseland in Fyshwick or Hiscocks in Queanbeyan are probably the best and quickest options. I strongly recommend making the trip to the store with the riders to buy the helmet – make sure their hair is as it will be when they are riding and no plaits or pony tails under the helmet - different shaped heads require different shaped helmets and chin straps must be comfortable.

BOOTS: Riders must have solid footwear with a smooth sole and a heel. folks just starting riding will begin their riding bareback then progress onto a saddle. A condition of riding at YRS is that all riders with stirrups have safety stirrups (toe stoppers or their equivalent) so riding boots as such are not required BUT the shoes must be strong enough to protect those little toes (and parent toes as well) folks with thongs on will not be allowed in the stable yard or around the horses.

RIDING UNDER SUPERVISION: For the safety of everyone, please be advised that no rider will mount before an instructor is present. All horses and ponies will be led from the stables to the riding arenas.

ELECTRIC FENCING: Please be aware that we use electric fencing at YRS. Please check before touching.

HORSES: For safety and bio-security reasons participants will be asked not touch any horse not involved in the holiday programme.

For the safety of everyone please do not allow children {or parents} to visit any dogs in the boarding kennels

Children need to bring daily, their lunches or snacks as required, and drinks, sunscreen, hat and boots. Also for the unmounted work, warm clothes or shorts which every is suitable for the weather.

Every school holidays three day programmes and individual programmes

for new and developing riders are available at YRS.


Make an online booking

Please contact us for full details.


PONY and Pat This service is suitable for those wanting to experience horse riding for the first time.

First lesson for adults 60 min $65.00 and children $55.00 which is 45 min.

School Holiday programmes Daily from $120.00 per full day per rider please check for current prices

AGISTMENT Preference for agistment is to clients undertaking regular lessons at YRS.

Further information and pricing is available upon request.



Rider lunge lessons

Rider lunge lessons

Lunge lessons are excellent for all level of riders, from beginners to advanced. These lessons allow the rider and coach to focus on specific skills, development of riders balance, co-ordination and feel. Beats going to the gym!!

Group and Family Lessons

Group and Family Lessons

Many families like to enjoy riding together so please discuss your individual family, group ideas with us and we will organize them for you.

Camps and Adult Weekend Training Clinics

Camps and Adult Weekend Training Clinics

These are held periodically over two and three days, with local and visiting coaches. The clinics cover a wide range of topics (riding, jumping horsemastership, general interest topics). We use a selection of coaches to provide instruction for varying levels of riders and interests .

For more information about riding lessons or to book please contact us. YRS does offer trail rides to regular riding clients, if you would like a one off trail ride maybe Burnlee can help: 6227 5850 This is not a recommendation from YRS it is provided just as a courtsey for your information..

* Prices and courses vary please contact us for individual course information.



YRS offers agistment for horses in training and horses whose riders are being coached by us. We have a range of agistment packages from paddock to full agistment stabling. For more information please contact us.

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