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Our Friendly Horses


Charlie is a charmer. He is the newest member of our team and he soaks up affection like a sponge. Charlie enjoys his new job and is keen and quick to learn new skills.




Basil began his life in Tasmania as a race horse, he then changed jobs and became a pony club horse. He then competed very successfully in hacking owned and ridden by Susan's nephew Joshua Turner. When Josh went to University Basil left Tasmania and traveled to join our team teaching people to ride. Basil has become a very important member of our team working with riders who are riding at competition level.

Our Friendly Ponies


Pumpkin Little Pumpkin puts a smile on everybody's face, greeting people with a touch of his warm, soft nose. That translates as he is frisking your pockets for food. This handsome little pony sees himself as six foot tall, but he sneaks under fences that even our dogs cannot get under! He is the unpaid office assistant.


Toby is the treasure of our ponies and he just loves Poppy. Toby is entrusted with many of our unique needs riders. This is a demanding role which he enjoys and his calmness and confidence, passes onto his riders and handlers. Toby has worked with the most number of rider of all our equine team.


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Yass Pets
138 Manton Road
Yass NSW 2582

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