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Pet Accommodation, Grooming and Training

Red, our loveable pugYass Pets is a companion boarding kennel where free group daily exercise is provided for all socialized dogs. We use premium pet foods and, if required, individual diets are easily catered for.

The cattery is located well away from the kennels overlooking the river and has spacious individual cages providing our feline friends with plenty of privacy and space for their bed, litter traysSpeedy the cat sleeping on the job and a scratching stand. An enclosed grassed play area is attached to the cattery for our visiting cats to stroll and play in.

VACCINATIONS: Dogs C5 and Cats F3 (preferably a F4), also for the comfort of our other guests, please ensure your pets are wormed and on a flea treatment before visiting us.

  • Air conditioned kennels which are fully enclosed
  • 3 acre playground with dams (and ducks!)
  • Royal Canin Premium dog food is our 'in house' feed for guests but individual or special diets are still catered for
  • Cat accommodation separate from kennels with grass play area


Grooming is an excellent way to assisting your pet to maintain full health and long life. It is also very helpful in keeping your furniture and their beds clean.

Grooming aids the removal of dead hairs, stimulating the circulation in the dog's skin, like a massage. Assisting the natural oils to spread evenly throughout the coat. Removing tangles and helping to keep the skin clean and free from irritation. Grooming also assists in training your pet to be easily handled and obedient.

Leash Free Park

Leash Free Park

Unique to Yass Pets is our 1.5 acres leash free play area complete with dams (and ducks). The park if bounded by 6 foot high fencing and footing wire around the entire boundary.

For the welfare of our hair covered clients we provide FREE access to the park for exercise, even when they are not boarding with us! Bookings are essential.



The training is aimed at obedience and companionship. Each dog needs to be assessed by one of our trainers prior to being accepted for training.

Owners are welcome to be present (but at a distance) at the time of assessment. Owners join the third last lesson and the last lesson. It is recommended that these courses be followed up with joining the group training lessons. Food rewards are used in our training. The course details are as follows:

3 Week Course
Short lead training: walk free on lead, heel on lead, sit, stand, drop, sit & stay, recall.

5 Week Course
Long lead training: heel on lead, sit, stand, drop, sit & stay, recall.

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Accommodation Pricing

Rates are charged per calendar day, inclusive of the first and last day.
Pet size Discount Rate
(NSW & ACT School terms)
Standard Rate
(NSW & ACT School Holidays & public holidays)
Christmas Rate
(From 1st December – 31 January)
Small Dog $22.00 $25.00 $35.00
Medium Dog $27.00 $29.00 $35.00
Maxi Dog $29.00 $31.00 $40.00
Giant breeds $35.00 $45.00 $50.00
Executive Cubbies $40.00* $45.00* $45.00*
Cats & kittens $23.00 $25.00 $26.00

Discounts of $1.00 per pet per day is given in Off Peak Periods.

Due to our excellent facilities for long term boarders, please ask about the off peak offers.

TEMPERAMENT ASSESSMENT's for Dangerous Dogs $50.00 (these are the tests required by Council's)

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Training Pricing

In house dog training courses (including board):

Course Duration Rate
3 Weeks $533.00
5 Weeks $1055.00
Private per hour $50.00
Group & Puppy Socialisation From $8.00

Please Note: Every booking for dog training has a once off $10 administration fee

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Address Info

Yass Pets
138 Manton Road
Yass NSW 2582

Contact details
Mobile: 0402 596 252
Email: [email protected]