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Our Friendly Coaches

Susan Turner-Davis

Susan Turner-Davis Equitation Science Dip. is the owner of Yass Riding School and principal coach.

For many years Susan has been traumatised when observing the manner in which many horses were being treated and trained - actually that includes all animals, which in part lead her into coaching and training horses.

Over the last couple of years, many equestrian stakeholders have released statistics on horse accidents, causes and, rates. After studying these statistics it became clear to Susan that as a coach and horse trainer, what we were doing with our coaching and training was sadly lacking and we need to do it better!

By giving riders a clear knowledge of equine learning capabilities, you instantly allow horse handlers (of any ages) to handle and ride their equines with a much higher degree of accuracy of timing, skill, and safety. By this the wastage rate of horses (being sent to the knackery) can be reduced.

After studying Equitation Science, the biomechanics and mental requirements of horse riding combining that with the latest research on horse care and welfare, Susan developed her own program of progress training for horse enthusiastic people incorporating horse handling, riding (some folks do not undertake riding) and horse care.

As a junior member of Mersey Valley Pony Club (in Tasmania) she represented her club in eventing at State level, gained her B and pony club instructor's certificates and held the position of District Commissioner for three years.She has competed successfully in all Olympic disciplines, "B" Grade show jumping, official Novice Eventing and Prix St George dressage. She is a qualified EA, R DA, CAD Level 1., General Principals National Coach Level II, on the official National dressage judges panel, and an EA Horse Trials Technical Delegate.

Susan also holds her Certificate IV in Workplace assessment and training. Although Susan started in pony club, she has also successfully held her racehorse's trainers license in Tasmania including riding in amateur races and hunt races. Susan was lucky enough to train with Franz Meringa, Numo Olivera, Ginny Holgate, Martin Plewar Christopher Bartle plus many other wonderful coaches giving her a broad spectrum of knowledge, but probably the most influential trainer Susan has worked with, is one of her ex-pupils from the King Island Pony Club - Dr Andrew McLean.(



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